Think outside the box

          Think outside the box: a phrase often used to evoke direction, drive, creativity, new ideas, determination, and focus. Four simple words and yet I get lost in them. When I hear this I start to focus my thinking on the box itself. What does the box look like? What color is the box? Would a person fit comfortably inside it? It would need to be rounded on top in order for you to fit comfortably, and if that were the case, then would it still be considered a box? If you just think outside the box, is your body inside it and your head is outside the box? Would your body be completely out of the box? Would a child fit inside it? Is it more the size of a toy? What’s so good about this box? Where did the box come from? Where is the box located? Are there people around it? What do they look like? Where is it? It is located on the grass? Is someone holding it? Is it raining? Is it snowing? Is the sun shining so brightly that the box becomes slightly discolored by its harsh rays?

The aforementioned thought process is so often what it’s like in the mind of someone with anxiety, at least that’s how it tends to be for me. We become so lost in the question or perhaps in the development of a response to a question that is asked or a comment we wish to make that we forget the initial communication. We are often so lost in a response we think someone is looking for that we forget how we feel in the first place. We try to become what someone else wants us to be instead of the creative individual that we already are and have always been. Having said that, we often try to fit into a box per say that we never should have thought twice about otherwise. You do not belong in a box. You should never try to reach someone else’s mindset or goal of who you’re supposed to be. You are God’s child and his alone. He loves you just as you are and you don’t have to change unless you are growing in his kingdom.

Do you overthink things?

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